Monday, October 11, 2010

Kara and Derrick's new home!

When we arrived at Kara's we gave her some early birthday presents, yikes she is 21 years old this week!!!

Kara opening one of her gifts.

Everyone helping Kara prime the walls of her bedroom, covering up the green paint.

Ruby was so excited to be able to paint too!

Painting party!! Kara & Derrick's friends Mitch and Larissa joined in on the painting of the livingroom.


Stephen was such a big help!! Here he is sweeping the hardwood floors.

Derrick and his Dad, Pastor Doug cutting wood for the new steps they built out the back of the house.

Friday night was a Dinner Theatre at the church, here's Adam serving Ruby & Emma their salads.

Here's Derrick's Mom doing a Chazzah presentation to "City on our Knees"

Derrick wrote and sang a beautiful song he wrote about Jesus, My Master.

This is Brad and Trevor doing a ventriloquist act! LOL

Here everyone is looking at the blue van after it just died in the driveway.

The big van loaded down with furniture and no seats! so thankful we didn't have to rent a u-haul especially after having car repairs necessary for the blue van.

Kara taking a break out back, see the new steps.

Derrick planning out his entertainment center lay-out.

Trying to charge the battery on the van, this wasn't the only problem unfortunately!

Stephen,Ruby, Adam, Amy & Zach taking a break and playing some ipod games.

Ellen, looking a little tired after getting up at 4 a.m. Sat. to make the trip with her Dad, see how lovely the dining room looks with the furniture he brought.

This is a piece of furniture Grandpa brought from his brother's house for Kara to have, it matches so perfect with all her woodwork.

The living room

Derrick's entertainment center, has some staining to do on it yet, but it's functional.

There are lovely built in bookshelves on both sides if a place for a woodburner in the living room.

A touch of Disney, of course!

Celebrating Kara's birthday!

This buffet piece was from Kara's great grandma, it looked great in the dining room!

This was one of the gifts Steve picked out for Kara.

Another gift from Dad.

Opening more gifts!!