Monday, November 21, 2011

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Vision Forum Products

Well if I said we were blessed to own so many VF Products I don't think that would be a strong enough word to get across exactly what that means.  We are long time purchasers of items in their catalog that include christian books , tapes (long ago), cd's, dvd's, toys, curriculum and gift items over the years and some of our girls were able to attend their Father/Daughter retreat in Georgia years back.  

I am so excited about their new dvd curriculum series that are helping to make history come alive for our family. We have always had the dream of going to some country alongside them to hear correct historical teaching, but the closest we came was when we went with Richard "Little Bear Wheeler" to Jumonville, PA for a week, which was one of our children's favorite vacations! Imagine that an educational vacation that they absolutely loved!  It would be wonderful to go this time of year to Plymouth Plantation with the VF family of teachers and experience it first hand wouldn't it?  Well we do the next best thing this time of year, we get out our cd's of the talks from one of their trips there and listen in.  There's always something new to learn.

If you've never used any of their products before, I'd encourage you to check out their catalog, either on line or via a hard copy, just don't ask to borrow mine as the little ones have marked up nearly every page with giant letters of what they are requesting for Christmas and it's a little hard to read!