Monday, April 26, 2010

Well here's some photos of the big day!

We could not have had a better day! Kara and I awoke before 6 a.m. on Sat. and decided we'd go and get a walk in right away.  We prayed as we walked and when we got to the top of the hill the sun was rising in all it's array! and we had no camera to capture the moment! oh well, it's in our memories.  We were so excited about all that the day would hold and yet it was bittersweet knowing it was the last time we'd be doing this together. 

We got back home, had some breakfast, Steve made Kara some eggs and off she went to the hairdresser. I followed behind with Ruby to get our hair done about 30 min. later, and then in came Grandma and within 5 min. Meme!!  While we were out getting our hair done, back home the sunporch had been turned into a salon and Ellen was already done and Lydia was getting started as well as Emma. 

When I got back, it wasn't very long at all before it was time to dress before 11:30 when Kristen our photographer would arrive. So with that we kicked into gear for final preparations and off Kara went for photos.  We all met at the church at 12:30 and did our family photos, then had about a 40 min. wait till the ceremony.  Folks kept arriving even after 2:00 though, so we held off on starting almost 15 min. 

Then the ceremony began and it was lovely!  Kara was as calm as a cucumber and beaming from ear to ear. I didn't do too bad myself I may say, but of course I didn't look at anyone, especially my mom!

God blessed us with the desire of our hearts that it might not rain for pictures and He even gave us sunshine for everyone parking and walking to the church! then the bridal party went off to Twin Lakes for photos and they got them all in just as it began to rain.  So thank you so much Lord for caring even about the very details of the weather on this special day and granting our request.

We had a wonderful meal, great dance participation, and overall fun! It was a true celebration of faith, family, and friends joining in with Kara and Derrick on this blessed day!  Then off they went, only to find their car loaded with McDonald playland balls! it was quite funny and something I hadn't ever seen before! Then off to Breezewood they went for the night, on to New Jersey on Sun. where they boarded a cruiseship for Bermuda.  So hopefully the trip is as wonderful as Sat. was, can't wait to see them again, but have to wait till Mother's Day weekend when we'll travel up to Milan for a reception the church is giving them there. 

Here's a sampling of my fav. pics, sure we'll have many more when we get Kristen's back!

Rehursal and Dinner

Thursday, April 22, 2010


yesterday we went down to help get the church ready for the ceremony on Sat.  We took every but Ellen, she was working and also Zeb and Lydia.  Now Covenant Hall is a former Presbyterian Church and now is owned by friends of the family who are in the long process of renovating it and turning it into a center for the performing arts.  Maria is amazing, she works at this job 24/7, painting, sanding, varnishing etc....and with little to no thanks! She and her hubby have a vision they want to give to the community, but it just hasn't caught on! So yesterday we willingly went down to help out with some of the preparation for the sanctuary area.  She had costumes galore that needed moved upstairs, a great job for the children, they even took time to dress up and play.  Her son also has a ton of nerf guns there that she gave them permission to shoot, so they all had a great time doing this, especially stalking eachother from the upstairs balcony.

Zeb & Amy were a tremendous help moving furniture, dusting, vacuuming while being stalked with nerf bullets.  We got it all set up and the only glitch was these taper (candles), we just can't seem to find the right size to fit in some stands that are attached to the pews.  Kara really wants to use them, they give the building part of it's old world charm.  So we will be attempting to shave one down a little tonight in an attempt to get it to fit.  Mind you they must fit right or they'll be falling over catching the place on fire!  So we'll see how that goes.

Kara was up at 5 a.m. today, so that means so were Steve and I.  She and Grace went down towards Pittsburgh to pick up the flowers.  A wonderful lady at our church told us about a great discount place to order them from, so we are hoping all works out there.  They had to be there when they opened to be picked up and if for some odd reason they don't come in they'll head into Pgh. to see what they can find.  You can tell she's not being too picky on this issue! Afterall you carry them down the aisle and hold them in the pictures and then they sit the rest of the evening on a table. 

Aunt Dawn and Debbie (who works for the business) were over last night to get directions from Kara on how to decorate the reception and get things set up for us there on Sat. a.m.  while the rest of us are getting our hair down and getting ready.

It appears all is moving pretty smoothly.  Today Derrick's Mom and Naomi will come down to help with all the odds and ends that need done.  Hopefully one of them can wrap well, we need some boxes wrapped for the card holder and that hasn't gone so well.  Definately not my gift! I'm much better at tearing off the paper!

Well gonna run and get some munchies ready for today so when folks are here they can eat when they are hungry. Aunt Geraldine from Florida arrived yesterday and so we are looking forward to a visit from them today as well as Derrick & Adam's arrival!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ellen's Grad. Night

Wedding Preparations

All the jars folks so willingly gave waiting to be made into centerpieces

The jars made up for sand and candles to be added

Decorating the Unity Candle

Jars waiting for the flowers to be added

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ellen's 17th birthday!

These are a few of my favorite things, Kermit, Paris, and an Ipod connector for the car!

19 days and counting...

well it's crunch time, all the little details that could not be done earlier are now beginning to beckon for the wedding.  I think time has picked up speed the last few days! yikes!! the thoughts of being under 3 weeks for the wedding is almost overwhelming.  I say almost, because if we do it in our own strength it is overwhelming, that's why we must lean heavily on our Lord to lead and guide these next days for what is truly important to get done and what is not important to just fade into the background. 

Please do pray for Kara & Derrick as they search out a place to live, finalizing their honeymoon arrangements, think about nothing else but the big day, yet have to concentrate on working at their "normal" daily routines. Kara says there is no "normal" from here on out!  Do you remember those days? I think we have less than 10 days to get the responses back, praying folks are diligent about responding.  It's so important to do so, yet many won't take the time to do this little task.  We will likely have to make some phone calls and ask if folks are attending or not, as the huge task of making up the seating assignments is around the corner.  We received one reply back with no name and no return address, so we don't know if this is 1 person or 10??? It makes a difference when you are having seating assignments and need to respond to the reception site of how many folks to pay for. 

We are all hoping the weather stays a fraction of how beautiful its been!! Kara says she'll be pleased as long as it's warm, she's not even worried about rain as photos with umbrellas she thinks can work.  I'm just hoping for no mud! I picture Stephen in his white tux and the girls in their gowns, sloshing around in the muddy ground of spring.  Oh well I remember a book I read George speaking about how we should NEVER complain about the weather, it is an item that we have absolutely no control over!! what good does worrying about it every do? We are told to not worry and although that seems like an impossible command in some situations, weather definately should be an easy one to let go of.  I'll remind myself to read this quote daily over the coming weeks! 

But I'm so thankful for a loving heavenly Father who knows my needs better than my own. He'll care for us and lead us if we just trust in Him.  Another thought that needs to be prevalent in my mind at this time as well as Kara's.  So if you think to pray for us, pray this paragraph and we know it will all work out just fine!

Resurrection Day Weekend

Here's part of the gang, (love Suesie!) after leaving breakfast on Good Friday morning with Grandpa.  We ate and got on the road by 7:30 a.m. and headed down to Deep Creek.  What a weekend it was! The weather was spectacular! almost 90 degrees. Steve commented how he doesn't remember ever picking up dry leaves even in May and yet after all the tons of snow they received, the leaves were dry! So they raked, and they raked, and they raked all weekend long.  Amy and I washed all the windows on the porches inside and out, to which we were told that we were NEVER removing the screens again to wash the windows as they were like a puzzle to put back in place.  So this is as clean as it gets folks! 

We then went to Pleasantview Baptist for the Good Friday Service, when we arrived there we were surpised to see the sanctuary had been transformed into long rows of tables, decorated with white linen, and the Lord's Supper set up at each end.  The blinds were pulled and candles lit up and down the table.  The service then commenced with singing focusing on the crucifixtion and then reading chronologically through scripture by 4 men up until Jesus was put in the tomb.  It was a very somber, moving service.  After the reading we shared the Lord's supper, sang one last song and left quietly.  It was a wonderful service and experience for the children to really help make the scriptures come alive.  

  Here's a photo of how the table's were set up, 4 sets I think it was across the sanctuary and how the front was set.