Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Party Weekend at the Lake

And to think just a year ago Ellen was up front being recognized for graduating! made me sad to think how fast the past year has gone and how soon we will see another graduate in our home with Amy entering 10th grade next year!

The Graduates at PVBC: Laurel, Mary, Tori and Doug

Josiah graduated from GCCC, on to Liberty Univ.

Pastor Wally sharing a prayer from scripture for Tori

One of the Weeks horses, Emma took this great shot! This is Ladigo

another shot by Emma, this is Sarah

ahhhh, the serenity and beauty of Garrett County

Ruby was so excited to brush the pony

Mr. Ray, I'm sure sharing how big his last fish was!

Tori on Harlan's Harley! you can tell why she had her Dad take the photo, I cut off part of the bike!

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