Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks-Living week

Well this being Thanksgiving week, (which probably should be called Thanksliving reminding us how blessed we are to live in this great land and have the freedom to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we are taking a break from normal school work and reading up on the Pilgrims and their lives. We also watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving", heh heh for fun. Stephen and Emma are working on completing a lapbook, I'll have to get some pics. posted when they get it finished. Ruby is working on her very own lapbook around the song "Five Little Pumpkins", which she really is enjoying.

We pretty much have our meal planned, I've got the turkey thawing in the fridge (hopefully it'll be thawed by Thurs. morning). I remember a year or two when the bird was not thawed totally and going into near panic at the thought of not having it cooked on time. The plan was to take it out on Sun. night to begin the thawing process, but I remembered this about 1a.m. and couldn't convince myself to make the trek across the cold garage floor to the spare fridge that's out there to take it! I told myself I'd ask Steve in the a.m. when he kissed me good-bye to do this and I did, only to discover about 10 a.m. it was still in the freezer! so glad I checked.

Our meal will be shared with Steve's family, my mom is heading out to my nieces house this year. So it'll be a meal for only about 16 without Kara here and little Isaiah not ready for turkey in this form yet.

Kara is at Derrick's house, but we've enjoyed talking and seeing her on skype (webcam)! This is so great! Our new computer has a webcam built in and Kara just got her new Mac which also has one. So now I don't feel so detached ! We even got to meet Derrick's dog, Sparky this morning when his Dad brought him in to say hello! lol Of course we lifted Buster up to repeat the gesture!

Steve is speaking on Tuesday night at the local community Thanksgiving service over at Calvary Assembly. Not sure if he's just reading something or actually commenting. Those that know Steve probably would say that there's got to be some commenting involved there somewhere even if it's just a reading assignment! lol So we'll head there tomorrow evening, then to our own church for Wed. service. He's still got such a bad head cold, I'm praying it improves some by tomorrow as his voice is a bit raspy. Even more than that I'm praying he improves before heading out into the woods for hunting season. I always worry he'll come back with pneumonia after going out sick into the woods, the weather usually is damp. But this is nothing new, seems this happens every year at this time.

Praying you all have a blessed celebration on Thursday. We certainly have could never count our blessings, but that should never stop us from trying! Praise God who loads us down daily with more blessings then we can ever begin to list of course the most important being eternal life!

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