Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Service

Last night we went to Calvary Assembly for the annual Community Thanksgiving Service, we hadn't been to one of these in years and years. It seems "Once Upon a Time" ago we used to attend these. Steve got a call from Pastor Todd last week asking if he'd like to participate in the service under the title "community leader" as he's the Chairman of the Board for the Norwin Chamber of Commerce,of course he said ' yes'. Pastor Todd then asked if he knew of any other men who would like to maybe take part as well and he immediately recommended his friend and mentor, Dave Painter. It was very interesting how the Lord worked in this matter.

Steve was given a verse from Corinthians to read and Psalm 100, but Dave was told to speak what was on his heart. Now keep in mind Pastor Todd does not know Dave, nor had he ever even met him. Those that know Dave, know he would have no problem filling his time with something very valuable to hear, not just something light and fluffy like "Be thankful for everything". Dave chose his own text and talked about how we need to give thanks to God for His sovereign work in our lives by drawing us to Himself. He stressed how the Holy Spirit causes us to become alive in Christ. It was interesting how a speaker or two after that reiterated that when they spoke. The emphasis then was taken off being thankful for material blessings and we were reminded to thank God for spiritual ones, ones that will never perish. Others spoke about remembering that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, reminding us to be good stewards of our blessings and be sure and give them away, not just keep them to ourselves. We were reminded that just the very breath we have and the promise of a new day that we so often take for granted is a blessing! sounds so trite when you read it but I know I was reminded that just waking up in the morning is something I take for granted, each new day is a mercy I see.

It was a good night and Pastor Todd was very pleased at how the service went. He commented that you never know when you give a group of men, from different backgrounds, free reign to speak their hearts. It was evident that God was superseding the service and leading through His Spirit based on the prayers of this Pastor and others as the emphasis for the night was on our Lord Jesus Christ.

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