Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes, Sucess! Emma has wedding shoes!

Today I figured before the snow came maybe we'd run down to Famous Footwear and Payless and see if they had any more white shoes in for Emma.  At Famous she picked a pair of patent leather, flat, peek-a-boo toed white shoes, she said she wanted those for her white Easter dress we got on clearance last year, so we picked those up. I didn't really like them too much for the wedding, I was hoping for more of a sandal with a little heel so we wouldn't have to have a lot cut off the bottom of her gown.

So we headed over to Payless and wah lah! she found a pair in there that had a small heel and little silver rhinestones, perfect.  They had them in smaller sizes so I picked up a  pair for Ruby as well, but they are still too big.  I don't think Ruby's foot has grown in 2 yrs! She's still only about a size 9 and here she is nearly 5 years old.  Oh well better than big feet when you can't fit into anything in the store, I hope that's what her future holds. So we'll have to keep looking if we want a little white sandal for her, if not we have these flat silver sandles that were under $5 that are a little big, I figured if her heels hurt she could throw those on at the reception. 

Of course Payless was having a buy one get one half off sale, so we looked for bargains.  Emma found a pair of black and white casual flats also for $2.50 and a  pair of leather tennis shoes for $14 so she hit the jackpot.  Grandma was to take her tennis shoe shopping next week for her birthday so now she won't need to do that and they can look for some capris instead.  I think she's all set for spring/summer now! Nice to have  a birthday when the seasons are changing in the store!

Well everyone's out to play in the falling snow, this should be interesting! at least chicken is done for supper so if the power goes out we can have a meal, the girls have fresh, braided french bread in the oven cooking! It looks divine! That was their homework from W.E.C. Bread Baking, it appears they've mastered that recipe. I can't wait to see what is this week.

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