Saturday, February 6, 2010

What an interesting day....

Wow 21 inches of snow measured here at our residence, that's the most I remember, although that blizzard of 93 probably was the same if not worse.  See during that one I was 9 mos. pregnant with Ellen so I wasn't out checking out the snow measurement, I was trying to stay put fearful if I went into labor we'd never get down our driveway to head out to the hospital. 

We lost our power after 11 p.m. on Fri. night and so the temp. in the house began to fall, but it really wasn't unbearable with the fireplace in the livingroom.  I was out of ideas for dinner, but as my mom had no power either, we told her to come out and warm up by the fire and she brought along hot dogs and burgers for dinner!  At first I said, "Ah, Mom we have no power, how am I supposed to cook them??" .  To which she replied, "DuH!! (well not really, she should have) you have a grill don't you?"   I had never even given the grill a thought, guess I have a summertime mentality for that 99% of the time.  So we opened up a can of chunk pineapple and cranberry left from Thanksgiving to go with it!  lol! quite the combo. we did add in chips and oreos as well!  So what a heart healthy day we had.  Just as we were heating a big pot of water on the grill to make some tea and instant coffee, the power clicked back on.  So we were very thankful for that, my mom and mil were joking that you never appreciate something, until you don't have it. 

So what did I do all day with no power!  I got motivated to clean our sunporch, Kara told me she'd like to get ready for the wedding out there and take pics. there because of all the natural light.  So I figured this was a good opportunity to try and whip that room into some assemblance of order.  I moved couches around, cleaned off shelves, and even inside the hutch cabinet! Dusted up everything and wiped most of the baseboards except a few spots that were really hard to get to behind furniture.  So now Kara, if you want to paint that room like you mentioned, go for it! but not till after your invites are done, ok? 

No church tomorrow, Steve was just over there to see the road conditions and said they did something very strange, they plowed up to the church property, turned around, and went back the same way they came??? They didn't plow in front of the church or down around the bend where the road continues? The lot hasn't been plowed yet, but they usually do that on Sun. a.m.  Steve said even still it would take hours of work to clear out the snow in front of the door and the sidewalk.  I know it took over 8 hrs with a snowblower and two shovelers to get our driveway passable.  So they decided to cancel, I know Pastor Hipple canceled, and Pastor Miller was trying to see what he could do to still hold services.  We got an email from Pastor Wally down at PleasantView in MD and they had to call for a bigger plow to come in and do their lot so they are canceled as well.  I'm laughing because my in laws probably still have church, when we've had church even though it's bad out, they have always canceled, so I figure if we canceled, they'll probably still have services.

Well hoping to post some of those snow pics., gotta find Amy and get her camera card.  Hope  you all stay warm, dry, and safe the rest of the weekend.  Look on the bright side, more snow is possible (2-4 in) for mid-week!! that's ok with me, as long as it stops before Fri., I want to get WEC in!!


  1. I was pregnant during that storm of 93, too!

  2. I guess that would be true, what mos. was Tim born? Ellen laughed and said some lady named Barbara left you a comment, she didn't see your picture and I was like, hmmm wonder who it is. Guess she didn't know it was Aunt Barb!