Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here we are at March 24th, one month till the wedding!!!!!

Wow, as I write we've attended three bridal showers over the past three weeks and now we are only one month out till the wedding!

The girls will go next week for another fitting for their dresses.  Ellen thankfully didn't need anything done to her dress, and Amy just a little tucking.  Emma and Ruby both need small adjustments that the seamstress decided would be best to wait till as close as possible to the wedding for growth reasons.  Emma has definately grown since we got her dress, she's gotten taller and thinner.  Ruby still a little peanut has grown too! 

The cake is ordered and now it's on to some small time consuming products like making table decorations. We have quite a few jars saved up and will know soon how many more we need.  We may be buying a lot of those peaches from Aldi's that come in really nice jars!

The big prayer need now is for Kara and Derrick to be able to find a place to live.  They have been outbid on two homes and are hoping to be able to bid on another next weekend.  Then it'll be the task of moving all the shower gifts and Kara's stuff up to Milan.  No small task.

So if you think of it please pray for our family and all the small details that add up to lots and lots to do! I'll be concentrating on making more cookies the next several weeks, I've got a great start in the freezer, all chocolate stuff! LOL!  so next on the agenda is mini cheesecakes and butter cookies. 

Also, keep Ellen in your prayers she has her one year MRI on the 31st at the new Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  She's been feeling great and we are praying that the MRI shows no changes. 

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