Sunday, August 1, 2010

Audiobooks from our trip

I can't recommend these audiobooks enough!!! This is the set I purchased when they were on sale and I had a $25 off coupon from Vision Forum a few months back.  Let me tell you they were such a hit, we can't wait for more to be released.  A new one just came out last week and they are working on 2 more for September release.  So I'll be waiting for a special day to buy the new one and get it out or I'll use it as some type of motivation for schoolwork. 

We listened to all 6 of the audios in the set throughout out trip to TN.  I have to say there was only 1 that was not as good as the others in my opinion, not that it wasn't good, it just wasn't as dramatic I guess you could say. Most all of them had us laughing and crying throughout the stories and that was not just the children!

Each night when we'd be traveling home (Balega's and our family together) we'd put one of these in and the children would all stay awake and quiet, despite the activity of the day.  Even little Ruby stayed awake all but one evening.  Then we couldn't finish the whole book so they'd have to wait till our next trip down the mountain to hear the conclusion.  They were all chomping at the bit to hear the story each day, asking to put the cd in from the second we entered the car.  

I'd have to say these were a well worth the money spent to purchase! I know I'll have to keep these in a special place or they'll be scattered throughout the house with everyone wanting to listen to them over and over.  The lessons they teach are so valuable that you'll be glad you had the opportunity to listen.

I can't recommend them enough, we are hooked! buy a set for a trip or buy a set and use them as a special reward.  If you can buy only one I think I'd recommend Sir Malcolmn and the Missing Prince, I think that's my favorite although it's a very close call between the others for first place!

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