Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review

Wow! I don't even know where to start telling you about this book, except that you SHOULD read this one!
I read this one in about a 24 hr. period, my mother in law read it even quicker, and my friend Debbie probably has finished it in that same amount of time as well.  Once you start you can't put it down, you must find out what happens.

It is a TRUE account about a Pastor and his family and their life in North Carolina during the 1970's.  It is truly unbelievable and very eye opening.  You cannot read this book and not be touched by these folks who lived what they believed in spite of great persecution. This books is a real life fulfillment of the scripture to "Bless those that Persecute you, Bless and do not Curse" and comes from this family who lived right here in the USA, not a foreign country. A great lesson and a great read, one of those that you can say you'll never forget.

It is available at or from Library and Educational Services. 

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