Monday, September 13, 2010

Updates on Kara & Derrick

well where to start, just wanted to give an update on the newlyweds!  They are doing great, busy as ever, work has overtaken Kara's life right now and she's praying for a new job. She's working 12-14 hr. days, 6 days a week at Rent a Center.  She loves the job itself, but hates the hours. The job does not require her to be in the office every day, she gets to drive the truck, deliver and even set up furniture! Sometimes she's driving into NY as much as 2 hrs. away.  They lost an employee about a mos. ago and only re-hired a replacement this past week, only he lasted 3 days and quit! and this is the week someone else is on vacation, so she's wondering if 14 hrs. is now going to be 18!!!! 

The real downside of this job is that she has no time for her photography! She's had requests to do some family photo shoots and such, but has only Wed. off or Sun. (which of course is not really a day off, it's a day of rest).  So she has applied for a job with the local gas co. and was re-checking to see if the hospital is accepting any apps.  Please join us in praying the Lord will provide employment that will enable her to have her evenings free and Sat. to do what she loves, her photography. 

Derrick is teaching piano and voice and working with a local cleaning company.   He also would love to pick up more music students and do what he loves more. 

They are praying that the purchase of a home works out within the next mos.  They need to get out of the trailer before the weather is cold on a regular basis.  There is a possibility of a home purchase on the horizon, but all details need to fall into place.  Trusting God to work that all out. 

So prayers are appreciated on their behalf that they can be patient and prayerful as they seek God's best for their future. 

We did get to visit over Labor Day, it's not what I had envisioned for the summer, we figured we'd be seeing each other on trips there and their trips here, but with Kara's work schedule that didn't pan out.  Hopefully once they have a house, she can have a new job that would enable us to go up and visit more regularly.  We all really miss her terribly and 4 to 6 wks. between visits is too long!  And even then our visits are so short, they've gotten in as late as 2 a.m. Sun. a.m. and had to turn around and leave Mon. by 4p.m.  so we are all longing for longer visits.

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