Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Memories

It's both hard to believe March has come and gone and exciting.  Well exciting if the winter weather ever truly decides to exit Pennsylvania!!!  Here it was 70 degrees yesterday and today it's been hailing, snowing, raining, and blowing all day.  We are very anxious for 60 deg. to come and stay so we can start tilling, pruning, and planting. 

So here we are at April, Ellen celebrated her 18th birthday this past weekend.  She is thrilled to be 18, something she has been looking forward to all  year.  She is looking forward to a busy summer doing her college internship with TJZ Creations and doing a few weddings on her own.  So most weekends she'll be somewhere snapping photos of a lovely bride and groom and she says spending as much time at Deep Creek as she can. 

Speaking of Deep Creek, Amy, Emma and I went to an overnight Ladies' Retreat last weekend with the ladies from Pleasant View Baptist Church.  It was a nice little getaway and time to reaquaint with our church family there.  We are looking forward to seeing them on a regular basis soon. 

As for our home fellowship we will be meeting twice more this month.  We will have our normal service on Sunday, then on Palm Sunday we will finish out our time with celebrating the Passover Meal together after our service.  We are hoping all of our families will be here, but one is expecting a new little blessing anytime now so we'll just have to wait and see when he's going to make his debut.  We will finish up our Wed. night meetings this month as well.  Right now we are in the planning and praying process of what we'll do over the summer. 

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