Thursday, March 10, 2011

Menu Planning updates

Well first off I just wanted to post to say the poptarts were good, however, Emma did ask if I'd make them with a different kind of flour next time.  So I'll either try a 50/50 white/wheat or I'll get some of the King Arthur's white whole grain to try.  So we will be making them again.

Here we are at week 2 of our meal planning schedule.  It is going very, very well.  But I have to write about this funny comment I heard the other night at dinner.  We had gone out to a local restaurant with Steve's parents for his Dad's birthday on Tues. evening.  While there the kids were discussing what was "on the board" for snack that night.  Stephen said that he had read it and remembered what it was.  The girls all said what?? to which he replied "Lame Almonds".   I about fell off my chair laughing at the way he said it.  It was just so cute.  (now any other day they always want to dig into my container of roasted almonds, but assign them as a snack and I guess that is just lame!) Amy re-labeled the container to read, Lame Almonds. 

I have to say they have been GREAT about snack time, they've eaten more fruits and veg. than in the past. As a matter of fact last Sat. night Steve and I had gone out and called from Wal-mart to ask something and were asked where are the pretzels, we can't find them and tonights snack is pretzels with ranch dressing.  So they've been really good about sticking to the list.  All but Ellen that is! lol! who I've seen sneaking a cheesestick on a night that was not a cheesestick!! when confronted her reply was something like, "For crying out loud there's like a 100 in the bag I don't think we are going to run out anytime soon."  I of course had to explain they had to get us through the w-h-o-l-e month of March .

I haven't done the best at not buying only fresh fruit and produce each week, I still bought frosted cookies today at Aldi's and Ruby wanted fruit cups so I bought all the items to make up a fruit salad.  But it sure is a relief to know it's one last thing to think about! that has been really, really nice.  I've done this before for dinners, but not every meal.  It's so great when we are going along with school and then I see it's nearing lunchtime, I just go to the board and see what we are having and it just makes that time so much smoother.  Plus I don't have to come up with a snack everynight when we aren't even finished with supper and the question is already being asked, "What's for snack?" 

So I'm definately going to continue this, I've already started my April menu planning.  Emma has asked for chili that wasn't on this months and they've said that a few new things I've tried they really liked and would like to have again.  Did I mention I love to try new stuff? I don't make a lot of the same things twice, so our menu plans will be changing a lot except for a few staples like: pizza, tacos, pepperoni casserole, chicken salad and a burger once in a while.

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