Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the almost 13 year old corner

Emma will be turning 13 at the end of February, another teenage girl to add to the ranks! our next to last one at that.   Not much new in Emma's life, she still loves art, reading, and listening to audiobooks.  She's growing quickly and that's not new either.  This summer I think we bought jeans one week and the next she had outgrown them.  She's almost caught up to Amy height wise which means she'll  pass me by.

Emma at her 12th birthday

Emma this fall

You can see how much from the two pictures above Emma has changed in her looks in the past 11 mos. she's growing into a lovely young woman.  Her favorite subject is History right now, because it's interesting in learning about other countries, religions, and cultures, followed by Grammar at a close second which she says is easy!

This summer Emma spent a night with a group from our church at Deep Creek participating in Adventure Advance.  Which was an overnight camp-out in a tent on the church grounds and sort of a scavenger hunt linked by a series of physical tests.  She had a great time and is looking forward to when they do this again. She says she enjoyed the Family VBS week, especially the Carnival Night at the end.

Here's Emma with Micayla Friend in her tent at Adventure Camp
In 2012 she looks forward to going back to Deep Creek to swim in the lake and see her friends at Pleasant View Baptist Church. She also hopes to take some more oil painting classes with the Norwin Art League come January.

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