Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like the end of the year!

     Well as we have now reached December 2nd, I figured I better get started on a family update for the year.  I'll try and blog every few days about someone in the family and share some photos of the past year.  I have to tell you that every year it gets harder and harder for me to separate out what happened in what year, the lines just seem to blur together.  Can it really be going on a second year of marriage for Kara & Derrick? yes in just 4 1/2 short months they will reach their second wedding anniversary, that does not even seem possible, but Steve and I will reach our 25th year that same month! When I think of that it's almost unfathomable, 25 years, how is that even possible???? well seeing that Kara turned 22 this year I guess it is???

Mt. Nebo Hiking Trail, MD
Joseph being taken off to prison
      Many great family memories were made in 2011, Spring was especially busy and exciting.  We attended a week long program that our friends the Watt's had invited us to at their church on Egypt, this is like having a VBS program in the spring, which is a great idea!! we all enjoy it and are looking forward to 2012, here's a photo of "Jospeh" who the children would get to meet and talk with each evening to learn about his life.

Table all set to celebrate the Passover
     March also brought the arrival next door (to Steve's brother Paul and wife Dawn's family) twin girls.  The Lord blessed them with  Abigail and Rebekah who were born on Dawn's birthday and welcomed home by their five brothers and one sister! We also finished up our time with our home church by celebrating Passover together, Kara & Derrick were able to join us for this, we extended the table out and were able to squeeze all 24 of us around it.

    Late summer till early fall weekends were spent at Deep Creek,  were we were blessed to relax and worship with our church family there.  We spent a week there during their Family VBS program which was great fun and learning and then ended with the church picnic.  Here are a few photos from that event.
Miss Debbie  paints Ruby's face 

Baptism is held annually at the church picnic

The famous mile long slip and slide, what fun!

    As always summer flew by and we were soon into fall and time to return to school, we are in Year 1 of Tapestry of Grace, Ancient History this year.  We are getting together with three other families to do some co-op learning including personal finance and art every other week.   

Emma building a model of a molecule

Emma with her plate of food from "Eat through the plagues"

We made balsa wood combs to represent bone combs from ancient times

     Now we are looking forward to finishing up school for the year and taking Christmas vacation.  Kara & Derrick are coming in this year for Christmas on Wednesday, so we are anxiously counting down the days till they arrive and we get to spend those days together.  We did see Kara for 5 days before Thanksgiving, but Derrick had to work, so we'll be glad to all be together for the celebration of Christ's birth.  

     Stay tuned for more updates on each person from our family, this was just the overview!! There is so much to share and some of our favorite photos as well. 

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