Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stephen's Tux Try On

Stephen went today to try on  his tuxedo for the wedding.  Everything fit great except teh neck, but that was no big deal as they have this nifty, little neck extenders they just popped in and wahlah!

We need to find him some white dress socks now, I've never seen them before and couldn't find them in the mall, guess I'll look on-line.  He definately has to have those, he had a terrible time getting his feet in the shoes, they felt fine and he had room, but getting a tube sock in them was quite the task!  So hopefully some nice, silky dress socks will make that much easier.

Now I wish Ruby could have tried her dress on and been in the picture with him, but that'll come soon enough.  Ruby needs some alterations done to her lovely liittle dress before we can take some pictures to post, that'll be coming up in a month.

Kara's dress was picked up last week so she has that end all complete. Everyone in our household has their wedding clothes now, just a few alterations and we'll all be good to go!  WEC starts on Friday and that means 11 weeks till the wedding! Wow, I can't believe it!!

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