Friday, February 11, 2011

Soooo today while watching T.V. at the hospital....

I saw two things that were very interesting....and reminded me of all the reasons I don't like t.v. lol and that's besides the media frenzy to try and get you to spend the average $180 on a Valentine's Day Gift.  Not that I'd reject a gift that cost that much!! lol! and btw my dear sweet hubby brought me roses yesterday, he was planning ahead as he knew he would be resting up all weekend after his gallbladder surgery! So thank you dear for your thoughtfulness and caring!!! I love you too and promise to cook whatever you crave when you are hungry, Dr. Newman said tomorrow you can eat whatever you feel like! even a cheeseburger!

Anyhow there was a report on one of the morning news shows, not sure which channel, which shows how much I watch them, that was on Teen Pregnancy and questioning whether or not the latest MTV show called something like,"Teen Pregnancy" was actually increasing the rate of teen pregnancies in the country by glamorizing these girls and giving them all this attention.  Apparently the "star" of the show has 2 close friends who recently have gotten pregnant.  That was quite interesting when they say the goal of the show is to raise awareness and prevent more pregnancies.  Of course as most of us know these are man's ways and not God's ways and usually do backfire.  The part that I found most upsetting however was the interview with an author who told the host who said all statistics show teen births are down in the USA over the last several years, note the verbage used,  "births".  To which the author replied well actually births are down, but teen pregnancies are actually up!! and of course the conversation ended there. I was jumping out of my skin saying, "Wait, say that again and explain that, births are down but pregnancies are up!!!!".  What in the world does that tell us? Abortion is rising!!!!!!!! the only reason births are down is because we are killing the babies!  What a said state of the nation, not that you didn't know that already.  But I wonder how many other folks watched that show and didn't even catch that, just thought oh well births are down we must be doing something to headed in the right direction. 

I was glad I had brought along plenty to read and plan, I just got distracted by the idiot box those few times and followed those few stories.  Oh yes, the other was the very weird PETA Commercial, anyone seen that one? I had to watch that one to the end, as I was confused what they were actually trying to advertise and I knew they had a point they wanted to get across, it was just weird (the one with the garbage bags), bet you could look that up on line and watch it! 

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