Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring that's a plan

While doing some menu planning for the month of March, I ran across this post on organizing and cleaning children's rooms so I thought what a great plan of action for spring cleaning, so I hope we can implement this next week and maybe the weather will feel more springlike also?   The link to the blog it was taken from is:  she hasn't posted in a long time, but the info. there is still very relevant and helpful.

Week 1

Have the children straighten and de-clutter the tops of their desks, dressers, tables, window sills, or any other flat surfaces in their bedrooms. Assign one surface per day, or assign a time period per day, or assign a day of the week to spend some time on this area of their bedroom.

Week 2

This week have the children clean under the beds. After shoveling it all out (the fun part) they might be overwhelmed. Give them a trash bag for the trash. Then put all books away. Next, all stuffed animals, and the rest of the toys. Finally, whatever else is left. Hopefully, there are no rotten apple cores. Like everything else, if this is done on a regular basis, it never gets that bad. But left for 6 months, it can be quite a trial.

Week 3

This week is for the children to straighten their closets. Have them get in the corners, nooks, and crannies, and dig all the things out that they might have tossed in and forgotten about. After digging out, they must put things in their proper place. Put the clothes on the shelves or hang up. If they are old enough to sort out the torn, stained, too small, unworn clothes have them do so and put into the trash or a give-away box.

Week 4

This week, the children de-clutter, straighten, and thoroughly dust the shelves in their rooms.

Week 5

This week have the children clean windows, as needed and if able to, walls, de-clutter and catch cobwebs, light switches, wipe grime from, lights, dust and change bulbs if able to, door, dust top, wipe grime and door knob

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