Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dear Amy is turning 14 in January and continues to grow taller and taller, passing her big sister Kara by, and threatening to be taller than Ellen.She likes coffee and apparently it has not stunted her growth! I can hardly believe she will be going into 9th grade next year! She is very excited about being in Kara's wedding and all the fun that's going to go with that day. She enjoys going to Awana's on Wednesday nights and hanging out with her friends. For Amy W.E.C. has been more about getting what she needs than what she wants. She had 2 science classes, a class on the U.S. Constitution, and serves on the Yearbook staff.

Playing football and hockey isn't just limited to the boys on this acreage, Amy is often right there with them playing along and that would be the same with fishing at the lake. But she does have a softer side where she sits and knits for hours on end. She has only done scarves so far, so it's time to learn some new stitches. She even taught Stephen how to knit, he said he wanted something to do while we were reading and thus he made a dishcloth! She tried to teach Emma, but it's Emma that doesn't have the stick-to-it-ness to keep it going, that isn't one of her favorite artsy activities apparently.

Amy will be working in the kitchen at the Men's Prayer Advance this January, something both Kara and Ellen have done and enjoyed immensely in the past. She's a bit nervous about this as Ellen has decided not to go as she wants to concentrate on her college work and so Amy will be going alone, but I know she'll have an awesome time. She did attend the Student Prayer Advance last year and is looking forward to going again this year.

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  1. ahh!! kara i hate that picture!! your so mean!! i told you not to post that anywhere!! :'( i have better ones you could have put up!! *sniff*