Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moving right along Ellen's updates....

This October 14th was a celebration of thanksgiving to God for the one year of being hydrocephalus free!! No headaches, no pains etc. What a blessing this was, after years of pain and suffering for our dear Ellen.

She is now 16 years old and studying for her driver's license, she'll take that test before the end of the year.

This fall she began taking an online college class in writing and finished with an A. It was a good experience for her; she'll begin a class from the same professor in January called Technical Communications. Her plan right now is to begin college full time in the fall of 2010 and major in radiology.

But let's back up a bit further and go to December of 2008! Debbie, the young woman who works for our family business, went into premature labor (she wasn't due till March) and delivered her baby before Christmas last year. Ellen immediately jumped into the secretarial position that month and continued working afternoons through August when Kara returned home from Disney and took that position so Ellen could commence with her senior year of study. Dad says he loves it when he comes home and hears his daughters talking about Mr. so and so's furnace or a part that was delivered!!!

Ellen will graduate in May from high school, finishing out her senior year with studies in Accounting I, Human Biology, American History, and her classes in Government and a few fun classes like Bread Baking and Drawing. Ellen also took over a preschool class for a mom who was having a baby and thus taught art to a small group of children, Ruby included. She is pushing through the Awana program, completing 2 books of study and 2 electives so that she'll graduate from that program as well earn her Citation Award.

Piano lessons have continued and she has progressed into a very fine pianist. These days she enjoys playing a lot of contemporary selections from her favorite artists like Casting Crowns and Michael W. Smith, and Ellen's personal favorite : The Muppets!!

The driving lessons have been interesting, I think by the time we get to Ruby we'll just hire an instructor!

One of the highlights from Ellen's summer of 2009 was attending a week of World View Academy at Grove City College. She and 4 other friends went to this camp and were so excited by what they learned there that they all signed up to return in 2010. They had class time, recreation, and also a trip to Pitt College Campus to share their faith in some street evangelism. It was promised to be the best week of your life or your money back and she said it truly was.

Ellen also has her own blog which she updates quite frequently, it's bloomsbyellen.blogspot.com .

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