Friday, December 4, 2009

Bridesmaid gowns are in

Well I was at a dr. appt. in Monroeville on Wed. so I thought I'd stop and pick up the bridesmaid gowns while I was out there. Kara was going to do that on Fri. when she went out with her other maids, but since I was already there I did it. I went in and gave the name and when they brought them out I immediately noticed they were all the same color. We had ordered in a blue for the older girls and a yellow for the junior bridesmaids. oops! guess this is another reason why you order so early, just in case. So they immediately re-ordered in the correct color.

Kara, Naomi, Tiffany, and Grace all went out tonight to pick out their dresses and Kara was going to have her appointment for alterations. She was very excited to say the least. So hopefully all the gowns will come in at the same time now.

Ellen may not need any alterations, Amy will need some, and I know Emma will, the gown was very long for her. So come February we'll get that all taken care of, that's just around the corner!! The days are flying by, I can't believe how close we are to Christmas.

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