Saturday, December 5, 2009

Studying Charles Dickens

We've been reading "A Christmas Carol" as I had mentioned below and so we've been learning about Charles Dickens. Knowing that his favorite work was "David Copperfield" and having not seen this (seen Oliver) I requested the BBC version from Netflix. I was watching carefully with remote nearby just in case, but was pleasantly surprised to not need it. I do recall 1 profanity in the film, but the 2 part Masterpiece Theatre production was very good. Amy & Emma almost immediately noticed that Davey appeared to look a lot like Harry Potter from all the advertisements and book covers out there and I was surprised to find out they were correct. He was 10 yrs. old when he performed in this film and now is 20 yrs. old! As with all Masterpiece Theatre's there are comments at the beginning and end of the films and they were also very enjoyable. I know have some new favorite characters, many reminding me of others from various favorite stories. Mr. Dick for ex. reminds me of Tootles from Hook and Ellen believes it has to be the same actor. Peggity reminds me of the cartoon character in Tale of Desperaux whom I cannot remember the name, umm it begins with an m, oh yes, I think it's Miggory Sow. (probably spelling all these strange names wrong!). Mrs. Trotwood is like Shirley McClain (Weiser) in Steel Magnolias, now there's one I wouldn't let your children watch so you probably shouldn't either, that's one from days before children! but oh she plays a part in that movie.

So now maybe on to Pip and "Great Expectations"? They say Dickens wrote "David Copperfield when he was 37 and G.E. in his 40's and it gives a different perspective of the main character unlike Davey who remains innocent and pure. Maybe we'll just watch "Newsies" again, that's another favorite around here, think we'll get that one again.

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