Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy, busy days for Steve

Steve's round of being on call began New Year's Eve and runs till Wed. night this week; and what a week it's been! When these cold temps. hit for the first time (and this is the coldest it's been ) the phone rings non-stop.  New Year's Eve he didn't get in until after 8pm and had to leave again at 11:40 missing being home to ring in the official start to the New Year. New Year's day was busy, but not too, too bad, Sat. made up for that though, from before 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. he ran from place to place, but thankfully was able to get out to a party our family was invited to where he could make up for all those missed meals of the day. He left in the morning with the idea he'd be back shortly to eat pancakes, but breakfast, then lunch, both came and went.   Then Sun. started the same way as Sat. and he had to miss S. School and church getting 6 homes to go to, a 7th phone call, then a break till about 4:30 and it's started up again. We better plan something special for him as Thurs. is his birthday and first day off evening calls, an early bedtime will most likely be in order!  lol   So thankful this is not like in the days of old, when we were first married and he'd work like this all winter long! We are thankful for capable employees who can rotate with Steve and Paul so that no one gets totally worn out.  Thank you Lord for that blessing!

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