Saturday, January 23, 2010

cleaning, organizing...

I've been motivated by some of the great blogs I read to tackle some spots in the house that are unorganized, actually that's most of the house, but ones that I haven't looked in, in a very long time is where I've started.

I went through this bench we've had in our foyer for 7 years or so now and I couldn't believe the things I found in there! lots of Christmas lights (why in the world they are in there???) magazines galore, (haven't missed them, so I pitched them), towels for Deep Creek (bagged them up), a drill (Steve didn't even know he had?), a bag with a boys pullup (I think this is Aunt Dawns!!), and misc. craft and asundry items!  I cleaned it all out as I had seen the idea to use that to keep backpacks in, so know we have a nice clean and empty space for those.  With WEC starting up in 2 weeks we could use the space to keep these, most of the children have two backpacks, one for TOG Co-Op and one for WEC.  I saw the idea on a blog and thought, gee I have a bench with storage, I should use it like that! so one small task made me feel like I accomplished something!!!

Next on the list is this giant shelf I have above my scrapbooking closet/work area.  Ughh, there are oodles of boxes in there with misc. stuff and there is a ton of usable space that right now is no where near usable.  I know if I can just take all the items off the shelf, I'll have to go through them, so maybe this week before WEC starts back up I'll work on that space. 

We did organize all our schoolbooks on Friday too and went through the oodles of pencils/pens we have.  So little by little, I hope I can hit all these often overlooked spots.

Bet you have some too, do you feel motivated now?  tackel some little space first, then you'll feel good and can move on to bigger projects!

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