Sunday, January 10, 2010

One more wedding detail done....

Well after being snowed in all last week (I don't like to drive on the slick, snowy roads if I don't have to!) We all went out on Sat. for Steve's birthday (7th) and an early birthday for Amy (15th) for lunch, then we headed over to Burlilngton Coat Factory to look for a dress for Ruby for the wedding. We've always seen such beautiful dresses in there we were pretty sure we could find one there for a fraction of a bridal store price. They had quite a few to choose from and so off to the dressing room we went, Ellen had her camera but we didn't take any pictures!!??? I guess we were too busy oohhing and awwing over how sweet she looked that we didn't even think about it! But anyhow, we were successful at selecting one we thought Kara would like.  It is a long dress as we thought since everyone else in the bridal party was wearing long, it would be nice for Ruby to also. Most all of dresses have spaghetti straps and are sleeveless and so we picked one like that as well.  It does have a little wrap to wear over and I did buy her a beaded long sleeve sweater as it will be April and I suspect she may want a sweater at some point in the day.  Hoping that day is as warm and beautiful with sunshine like Steve and my day 23 yrs. ago almost to the day (April 25th). 

The other girls all need shoes yet, before we can get their dresses altered, so we started that search.  This is no easy task as Ellen and Amy both wear larger sizes that you can't always find! Emma is now into a ladies shoe as well so finding something that is appropriate for her is a bit of a task as well.  Ellen ended up selecting a pair and I found a pair on the clearance at the mall for Ruby that are a bit big. I'm not worried since they were under $5 she'll wear them by summer.  Kara said for the girls to wear either white or silver, so Ellen and Ruby's both are silver and Amy just wasn't comfortable walking in any of the heels we found.  There just weren't any smaller heels in the places we went.  None for Emma at all yet.

So we came home with at least 3 more purchases made and I hit ebay scouring for anything that might be out there for Amy or Emma.  We bid on and won a flat pair and a small heel in silver for Amy and are just praying they fit, both came in at under $17 so if they don't fit I'll be taking them to Plato's Closet or consignment shop I guess.  But hopefully they'll be good.  So that just leaves Emma now. 

I so want to get my own camera so I can post pics. here, waiting on the girls to do it just ain't happening and my camera is just too old. It is a battery eater at that and seems that you can take like 1 photo and the batteries are dead.  So maybe next Christmas I'll get a new one and can post some photos when I blog. That'd be fun.

Well off to week 2 of  school for the new year.  I'm anticipating less fussing tomorrow as we hit the books! at least I hope ! We've reminded everyone to set their alarms and wake up on their own, get their devotions in, and arrive on time for school to start by 9, we'll see how that goes.  Oh how spoiled they are, remember when you were a kid? getting up at 6 a.m. to catch the bus, maybe we should take a walk around the yard first thing to get everyones blood pumping!  We begin our study of the civil war tomorrow, Emma and Stephen are already fighting over the little Abe Lincoln figurine Stephen got for Christmas, so maybe it'll be a different kind of fussing tomorrow!  We started to read our read aloud "Across Five Aprils" and got a bit of history in tonight, so we've got a jump start for the week.  It's always nice to have that cushion.

Night to all, stay warm and cozy these next few days, it's going to warm up the end of the week, so they say? but maybe not before another round of snow.

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