Monday, April 26, 2010

Well here's some photos of the big day!

We could not have had a better day! Kara and I awoke before 6 a.m. on Sat. and decided we'd go and get a walk in right away.  We prayed as we walked and when we got to the top of the hill the sun was rising in all it's array! and we had no camera to capture the moment! oh well, it's in our memories.  We were so excited about all that the day would hold and yet it was bittersweet knowing it was the last time we'd be doing this together. 

We got back home, had some breakfast, Steve made Kara some eggs and off she went to the hairdresser. I followed behind with Ruby to get our hair done about 30 min. later, and then in came Grandma and within 5 min. Meme!!  While we were out getting our hair done, back home the sunporch had been turned into a salon and Ellen was already done and Lydia was getting started as well as Emma. 

When I got back, it wasn't very long at all before it was time to dress before 11:30 when Kristen our photographer would arrive. So with that we kicked into gear for final preparations and off Kara went for photos.  We all met at the church at 12:30 and did our family photos, then had about a 40 min. wait till the ceremony.  Folks kept arriving even after 2:00 though, so we held off on starting almost 15 min. 

Then the ceremony began and it was lovely!  Kara was as calm as a cucumber and beaming from ear to ear. I didn't do too bad myself I may say, but of course I didn't look at anyone, especially my mom!

God blessed us with the desire of our hearts that it might not rain for pictures and He even gave us sunshine for everyone parking and walking to the church! then the bridal party went off to Twin Lakes for photos and they got them all in just as it began to rain.  So thank you so much Lord for caring even about the very details of the weather on this special day and granting our request.

We had a wonderful meal, great dance participation, and overall fun! It was a true celebration of faith, family, and friends joining in with Kara and Derrick on this blessed day!  Then off they went, only to find their car loaded with McDonald playland balls! it was quite funny and something I hadn't ever seen before! Then off to Breezewood they went for the night, on to New Jersey on Sun. where they boarded a cruiseship for Bermuda.  So hopefully the trip is as wonderful as Sat. was, can't wait to see them again, but have to wait till Mother's Day weekend when we'll travel up to Milan for a reception the church is giving them there. 

Here's a sampling of my fav. pics, sure we'll have many more when we get Kristen's back!

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