Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Day Weekend

Here's part of the gang, (love Suesie!) after leaving breakfast on Good Friday morning with Grandpa.  We ate and got on the road by 7:30 a.m. and headed down to Deep Creek.  What a weekend it was! The weather was spectacular! almost 90 degrees. Steve commented how he doesn't remember ever picking up dry leaves even in May and yet after all the tons of snow they received, the leaves were dry! So they raked, and they raked, and they raked all weekend long.  Amy and I washed all the windows on the porches inside and out, to which we were told that we were NEVER removing the screens again to wash the windows as they were like a puzzle to put back in place.  So this is as clean as it gets folks! 

We then went to Pleasantview Baptist for the Good Friday Service, when we arrived there we were surpised to see the sanctuary had been transformed into long rows of tables, decorated with white linen, and the Lord's Supper set up at each end.  The blinds were pulled and candles lit up and down the table.  The service then commenced with singing focusing on the crucifixtion and then reading chronologically through scripture by 4 men up until Jesus was put in the tomb.  It was a very somber, moving service.  After the reading we shared the Lord's supper, sang one last song and left quietly.  It was a wonderful service and experience for the children to really help make the scriptures come alive.  

  Here's a photo of how the table's were set up, 4 sets I think it was across the sanctuary and how the front was set.

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