Monday, April 5, 2010

19 days and counting...

well it's crunch time, all the little details that could not be done earlier are now beginning to beckon for the wedding.  I think time has picked up speed the last few days! yikes!! the thoughts of being under 3 weeks for the wedding is almost overwhelming.  I say almost, because if we do it in our own strength it is overwhelming, that's why we must lean heavily on our Lord to lead and guide these next days for what is truly important to get done and what is not important to just fade into the background. 

Please do pray for Kara & Derrick as they search out a place to live, finalizing their honeymoon arrangements, think about nothing else but the big day, yet have to concentrate on working at their "normal" daily routines. Kara says there is no "normal" from here on out!  Do you remember those days? I think we have less than 10 days to get the responses back, praying folks are diligent about responding.  It's so important to do so, yet many won't take the time to do this little task.  We will likely have to make some phone calls and ask if folks are attending or not, as the huge task of making up the seating assignments is around the corner.  We received one reply back with no name and no return address, so we don't know if this is 1 person or 10??? It makes a difference when you are having seating assignments and need to respond to the reception site of how many folks to pay for. 

We are all hoping the weather stays a fraction of how beautiful its been!! Kara says she'll be pleased as long as it's warm, she's not even worried about rain as photos with umbrellas she thinks can work.  I'm just hoping for no mud! I picture Stephen in his white tux and the girls in their gowns, sloshing around in the muddy ground of spring.  Oh well I remember a book I read George speaking about how we should NEVER complain about the weather, it is an item that we have absolutely no control over!! what good does worrying about it every do? We are told to not worry and although that seems like an impossible command in some situations, weather definately should be an easy one to let go of.  I'll remind myself to read this quote daily over the coming weeks! 

But I'm so thankful for a loving heavenly Father who knows my needs better than my own. He'll care for us and lead us if we just trust in Him.  Another thought that needs to be prevalent in my mind at this time as well as Kara's.  So if you think to pray for us, pray this paragraph and we know it will all work out just fine!

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