Thursday, April 22, 2010


yesterday we went down to help get the church ready for the ceremony on Sat.  We took every but Ellen, she was working and also Zeb and Lydia.  Now Covenant Hall is a former Presbyterian Church and now is owned by friends of the family who are in the long process of renovating it and turning it into a center for the performing arts.  Maria is amazing, she works at this job 24/7, painting, sanding, varnishing etc....and with little to no thanks! She and her hubby have a vision they want to give to the community, but it just hasn't caught on! So yesterday we willingly went down to help out with some of the preparation for the sanctuary area.  She had costumes galore that needed moved upstairs, a great job for the children, they even took time to dress up and play.  Her son also has a ton of nerf guns there that she gave them permission to shoot, so they all had a great time doing this, especially stalking eachother from the upstairs balcony.

Zeb & Amy were a tremendous help moving furniture, dusting, vacuuming while being stalked with nerf bullets.  We got it all set up and the only glitch was these taper (candles), we just can't seem to find the right size to fit in some stands that are attached to the pews.  Kara really wants to use them, they give the building part of it's old world charm.  So we will be attempting to shave one down a little tonight in an attempt to get it to fit.  Mind you they must fit right or they'll be falling over catching the place on fire!  So we'll see how that goes.

Kara was up at 5 a.m. today, so that means so were Steve and I.  She and Grace went down towards Pittsburgh to pick up the flowers.  A wonderful lady at our church told us about a great discount place to order them from, so we are hoping all works out there.  They had to be there when they opened to be picked up and if for some odd reason they don't come in they'll head into Pgh. to see what they can find.  You can tell she's not being too picky on this issue! Afterall you carry them down the aisle and hold them in the pictures and then they sit the rest of the evening on a table. 

Aunt Dawn and Debbie (who works for the business) were over last night to get directions from Kara on how to decorate the reception and get things set up for us there on Sat. a.m.  while the rest of us are getting our hair down and getting ready.

It appears all is moving pretty smoothly.  Today Derrick's Mom and Naomi will come down to help with all the odds and ends that need done.  Hopefully one of them can wrap well, we need some boxes wrapped for the card holder and that hasn't gone so well.  Definately not my gift! I'm much better at tearing off the paper!

Well gonna run and get some munchies ready for today so when folks are here they can eat when they are hungry. Aunt Geraldine from Florida arrived yesterday and so we are looking forward to a visit from them today as well as Derrick & Adam's arrival!

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