Monday, December 20, 2010

Aimer, Kate, Amy Kate, or just Amy....

Wiffle ball

Tube Tug a game everyone can really get into! 

Spike that ball Amy!
Amy is nearly 15, as her birthday is coming up rapidly on Jan. 15th, she is in 9th grade this year.  I guess I'd describe Amy as a social butterfly and this is one of the main reasons we organized our Summer Family Fellowship Time, we all benefited greatly but know that Amy especially enjoyed these times.She would help organize game ideas and plans for the night twice a mos. May through August.  Have no idea where she gets this social side to her personality? go figure...LOL

What else can I say about Amy, well I'm not sure that's why I asked her to write her own post like Ellen did but she said, "Nah, that's ok."  So what else can I tell you, she loves to spend time at Deep Creek and go canoeing with Ellen and Zeb. She likes to talk on facebook, a lot! (social network, what else would you expect from a social butterfly). 

It's been exciting to see her grow in her faith this year and begin to apply it.  One night during a very in depth discussion where there was a lot of burden for someone on her heart I came to find her crying, just as I was in the other room.  She then freely shared with her Dad and I scriptures that came to mind when thinking about the situation and Steve stopped and said, "Mom, I think our little girl is growing up!".  It was a very exciting moment for us. 

While school is seen as a necessary evil for the most part, there are aspects she has enjoyed this year.  Unfortunately they are not science and foreign language.  But she did enjoy an economics discussion at our co-op and could often be heard discussing the material with her Dad after dinner. 

She also discovered she likes to bake chocolate chip cookies and can eat just about all she bakes as long as she has a few friends to share them with, which she's been able to do at a few sleepovers the past few months. 

Amy does hope to join Ellen at Worldview Academy in July, but currently is a long way from saving up for that event, she's pretty much given up you could say, but I haven't. 

She has done some babysitting this year which she seems to really enjoy.  On her very first job she was watching 5 kiddos and wouldn't you know someone got hurt in the first 30 min. but she handled it very well and nothing was seriously wrong, but it was an experience she won't forget from her first real outside job.  I know she enjoys these children and their family as she went along roller skating with them on a Sat. afternoon, she came back having a hard time moving her arm for a few days following as her partner was much shorter, this was so cute! 

Well that all said she is looking forward to turning 15 and has already informed me she has different thoughts of a party for her 16th than her two older sisters, so she is planning ahead. 

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