Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stephen's Section

My attempt at a football cake! it's triangular!!
My attempt at a helmet cake

Stephen turned 8 in July just two days before we headed out for our trip to Tennessee.  This year I thought it was appropriate to have a boys birthday party (plus Ruby).  So we had a football theme and played games related to football!  This was quite different for me, as I'm used to doing pink princess parties! but I think it went well.

Stephen does so enjoy sports, both playing and watching.  Hockey seems to be a mainstay so rollerblading is an everyday occurence when the ground is dry, unfortunately in August this resulted in a broken arm.
This is smile is the result of realizing he wouldn't be able to write when school started!
Stephen is in 3rd grade and seems to enjoy school, his favorite subject is math.  His favorite book so far this year was ,"When We Were Very Young" by A.A. Milne which is a collection of poems about Winnie the Pooh.  He enjoyed our year end game of  "Jeopardy" which was filled with questions based on our history studies and science. It was a riot when we were studying the Jazz Period a few mos. back, Stephen listened to the samples of music we played and decided he really liked Louis Armstrong, so now when we hear him in the store or on the radio he gets this big smile on his face, it's very cute.

Here Miss Barb is teaching Stephen how to dive while on vacation in TN

Here beside Ruby as Ring Bearer in the wedding

This was taken after the Resurrection Day Service at Pleasantview Baptist Church in MD

Stephen and Ruby are very close, they still share a room, although it has been offered for Ruby to move across the hall with Emma, at this point she's staying put and he's not complaining, which is nice to see, I'm not sure that this will last too much longer.

Here's Stephen in his Charlie Chaplin getup for a film festival we had with Tapestry of Grace Co-op  

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