Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update #2, on Steve and his escapades....

Hunting Opening Day

Well it's that time of year...hunting season.  Steve was successful this year along with three of his hunting companions, he's out again this weekend trying to bag that big buck! This year at least it's a bit colder and there is a little snow on the ground but not much.   He looks forward to hunting season so much and it comes and goes very quickly, at least for him!  Stephen got to go out before the weather changed in October, I'm not too keen on his joining his Dad on opening day yet.  But he seems to have the same drive built into his blood as his Dad, he helped track a deer that was shot and was difficult to find, so that was quite an exciting time.

When it's not hunting season Steve is busy at work and doing a variety of other activities.  This was his first year of not playing softball, over a year ago he had tendonitis in his arm and it still pays frequent visits, one he was not interested in having due to irritating that problem.  So this year over the summer he led the Wed. evening couples Bible study here at the house, and twice a mos. rotated on Thursdays over the summer to teach at our family fellowship nights.  He still attends a Wed. morning Bible Study as he has for many years and joined another group on Tues. a.m. at 5:30 that has been on going for 2 yrs. now.  Then beginning in October he said the time had come for us to open up our home on Sun. mornings as well.  So for about 6 weeks we've been having a home church.  During the mos. of Sept. and Oct. men met each week to pray about this opportunity.  We've had as many as 25 people here on a Sun. and we share a meal together after, so our extra large dining table is getting a lot of use these days.  So if you're in the area Sun. morning around 10 AM stop in, you'll be most welcome.  God is good and we are seeking His will for what is next.

Steve is still active in the Norwin Chamber of Commerce where he has completed his second year as Chairman of the Board.  He enjoys being involved in the community and getting to know new folks.  There's plenty of opportunity for that at the monthly mixers that different businesses offer each month.  He does take me along to some of these, I enjoy them as well as I've gotten to know many of the people and look forward to the events, the Christmas one this past week was very well attended, I'm guessing over 125 folks or so.

The business is doing well and it is such a blessing to have Ellen working answering the phone, scheduling, and taking care of customers.  Truly a family business.  We're looking forward to more family joining in years to come.

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