Tuesday, December 21, 2010

on to Emma!

One of Emma's Oil Paintings

Emma's rendition of the Titanic

Oil Pastels, a copy of "The Scream"

Emma was a junior bridesmaid in the wedding

As you can see Emma still loves art.  So this year when Ellen quit taking piano lessons and no one else in the house was interested in continuing with music, we figured it was time to let Emma begin some Art lessons.  The top oil painting was done at the Norwin Art League under the direction of Pat Vaughn the same teacher that taught me when I was 11 years old.  Pat says she has quite a few children of previous students these days.   Emma also took some fun childrens classes there this summer in acrylic painting.  She had previously done some classes with Young Rembrandts and the teacher mentioned that if she was ever interested in further teaching she'd be available.  So this fall we started having her over to our home twice a mos. and then once or twice a mos. we meet with her on Tues. afternoons with a few others.  She's done oil pastels, sketching, and sculpey clay.  Stephen has joined in on a few occasions as well.

Besides art Emma has become addicted to a series of books called "Warriors" that her best friend Emily introduced her to. These are books about cats and are very long, yet she devours them as soon as Emily brings them over. 

Emma is in 6th grade this year and is doing very well.  She likes hands on learning and has enjoyed all the movies we have been viewing on WWI and WWII this year.  So if we can find a project to go with whatever we are studying Emma will be much happier! Although for some reason Emma is intrigued with ancient history and this summer re-read most all of our books on Egypt, so she is happy that next fall we get to go through that time period again.  Also in March a local CMA Church will be hosting a "Visit Egypt" program, so she is counting the days to that, we attended their program on Rome and we all enjoyed it immensely (Steve & I included).

I think Emma likes the cold better than the heat, she seems to want to be outside more in the winter than the summer? go figure, she doesn't get this from me!  She'll be turning 12 in February.

I asked her what her favorite thing was about our trip to Tennessee this past summer and she said, "Probably the 2 seminars at the "Defending the Faith Conference", one on evolution and one by Bill Jack called Counterfit Reality" and "Oh yes, Dollywood and all the coasters there!"

When asked what she was looking forward to in 2011 she said summer and being able to go to Deep Creek and going water skiing! She was able to get up and stay up this past year, so I'm glad to hear she still wants to do that, she kind of tapered off at the end of the year and was content to watch others.

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